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Open joint-stock company "Mogilevhleboprodukt" is created by the order of the Mogilyov regional committee on management of the state property and privatisations from December, 17th, 1998 �188 by transformation of the state enterprise "Mogilyov production association of bakeries" and registered by the decision of the Mogilyov regional executive committee from February, 24th, 2000 �4-13 in the Uniform state register of legal bodies and individual businessmen for �700099514.

Open Society "Mogilevhleboprodukt" location: 212009, Mogilyov, street of Cosmonauts, 37.

Open Society "Mogilevhleboprodukt" history

Building Mogilyov melkombinata �7 has been begun in 1949. In the end of 1951 the first stage elevatora type �� � by 100 capacity of 8 thousand tons with stationary zernosushilkoi Lure-3 has been put in operation. Then it is constructed zernosushilka Ouse. In 1952 the second turn elevatora has been put by capacity of 8 thousand tons in operation. In 1963 the third turn elevatora has been constructed and placed by capacity of 8 thousand tons in operation.

Elevator �2

It is placed in operation in 1979. Capacity elevatora 61,5 thousand tons. In elevatore the following equipment is established: norii ���-175, the grains intended for transportation, automatic scales ��-2000, separators �1-���-100, tape conveyors productivity 175 t/hour.

The same year dryer ��-2-25 by productivity of 50 tons at an o'clock on liquid fuel has been put in operation. In 2003 both dryers are translated on natural gas which provides economy of fuel and energy resources and decrease in the cost price of drying of grain. In 2003-2004 the new line on clearing of grain of an ergot has been mounted.

Mill of a high-quality grinding

In the end of 1953 2 section mill with section of a high-quality grinding productivity 80 t/days which has been reconstructed and translated completely on a high-quality grinding with release of a flour of the higher, first and second grades and semolina later has been placed in operation. Reconstruction was carried out by installation of the new equipment on existing floor spaces, modernisation of the operative equipment and mechanisms, replacement become outdated on more progressive, and also technological process was improved. It is at the moment preserved.

In 1988 the line of packaging of a flour with installation rasphasovochnyh devices T1-BRA-2 productivity is mounted of 40 pak/minutes, release rye seyanoi torments by productivity is mastered 154 t/days.


In 1955 has been placed in operation Krupoceh on development of buckwheat groats by productivity 20 t/days. In 1994 barley release shelushennogo is mastered 120 t/days.

Mill of an alternate grinding

In 1956 the mill oboinogo a grinding by productivity is placed 120 t/days in operation. In 1959 mill reconstruction oboinogo a grinding where the interchangeable flexible scheme on development oboinoi or obdirnoi torments has been introduced has been made. Productivity of shop on oboinom a grinding has made 225 t/days, and on obdirnom - 185 t/days. It is at the moment preserved.

Kombikormovyj complex

In 1957 has been placed in operation Kombikormovyj shop by productivity 100 t/days at 2 shift work.
In 1968 the warehouse of raw materials and finished goods for mixed fodders in capacity of 5300 tons is placed in operation.
In 1986 reconstruction Kombikormovogo a complex with installation of the crushing equipment of manufacture of GDR is spent. Now productivity of shop makes 570 t/days rassypnyh mixed fodders.
Since 1992 the automatic control system of technological process on the basis of computer IBM functions. In 2002-2003 replacement of crushers of manufacture of GDR by crushers of "Sovokrim" is made.

In 2004 to "Mogilevhleboproduktu" it is attached ����� "the Mogilyov integrated poultry farm". The quantity of birds made - 135 553 pieces.

In 2007 of sale of a livestock of pigs from ���� "State farm-industrial complex" Light "of Cherikovskovsky area of the Mogilyov area of Open Society" Mogilevhleboprodukt "29 733 goals in gross weight have made of 1 375 477 kg.

The basic production of Open Society " Mogilevhleboprodukt " are mixed fodders, pork, fowl and eggs. All production made by Open Society " Mogilevhleboprodukt ", is certificated and corresponds to requirements GOSTs and THAT Byelorussia.